Eat Live Grind

“I remember…”

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Black History month….As we all know we need more than just a month to recognize all the trials, tribulations, tragedies and triumphs our great race … Continue reading

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Monday son what you got

Monday morning…And he answered with a shout “Eat Live Grind…! Do not argue with the Hater from a distance onlookers may not tell the difference…

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A King shall not GRIND alone…he needs his God and his Queen a three cord bond is not easily broken

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Monday was created so that your GRIND would be sharpened with patience….

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Freedom was not given, it came with sweat blood and tears. Therefore why would one believe thou dreams should come so easily? Thou must #Grind

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Grind 12:11 We GRIND with purpose, because He has a purpose for us…thou shall not GRIND aimlessly…

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Grind 7:13 The Hater troubles the waters, peace is not with him. He that hath an ear let him hear…#ELG -theCommish

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